On Friday, February 14, 2020, we will host the 21st annual NBA All-Star Technology Summit in Chicago. The event will bring together a unique, invitation-only group to explore the trends and innovations in sports, media and technology.

The Summit will feature a one-on-one conversation with:

Andy Jassy
Amazon Web Services Chief Executive Officer

Panels with other industry leaders will cover:

Shareholders, Stakeholders and Change:  Navigating Today’s Leadership Challenges

Today’s leaders face many challenges, including adapting to exponential growth in technology, building high-performing teams and defining the role their organizations will play in advancing social change. In such an environment, embracing clear organizational values has become increasingly important for companies, their customers and their employees. This panel will explore the decisions that companies face when determining what is best for their businesses and stakeholders.

What’s on Next?  The Future of Streaming Media

With the proliferation of streaming media services, both consumers and companies are presented with more options than ever before. This conversation will center on the rapidly-evolving streaming landscape — from the challenges of market fragmentation to the opportunities of new revenue streams and deeper insights about consumer preferences.

Talking About My Generation:  Content in an Age of Personalization

Technology has fundamentally altered the ability to generate compelling content and to personalize the consumer experience. How can creators target different generations of consumers? How do brands align themselves with relevant influencers? This panel will explore the tools and strategies that companies use to keep up in today’s competitive landscape.

Ahead of the Game:  The Fan Experience Reimagined

Whether sitting in an arena or watching on a screen, the live-event experience has been transformed by technological advances and increased competition for eyeballs and wallets. This panel will discuss innovations to how the game is played on the court and to the viewing experiences that are bringing fans closer to the action.