On Friday, February 16, 2018, we will host the 19th annual NBA All-Star Technology Summit in Los Angeles. The event will feature in-depth conversations with some of the most influential leaders in sports, media and tech – with an added Hollywood touch on the power of storytelling.

Panel topics include:

The Future of Storytelling

In an age when individuals and now even artificial intelligence can create content, the competition for fan engagement has never been greater. This panel will discuss the role technology can play in creating and sharing sports narratives that continue to inspire and engage people around the world.

The Rise of Esports

From college dorm rooms to a global phenomenon with celebrity investors and now professional leagues, the rise of esports is one of the biggest stories in sports and entertainment today. This panel will discuss the explosive growth of esports and the NBA’s new 2K League.

Managing Through Disruption

As digital technologies mature, they transform communities, disrupt businesses and redefine what’s possible. The industry leaders on this panel will discuss the risks, opportunities and responsibilities that accompany management in the digital age.

The Connected Game

From in-game tracking of player movement to season-long monitoring of rest and recovery, wearable and player tracking technology continues to advance the narrative of player health and analytics in sports. This panel will dive into how these technologies are transforming the game for players, coaches and fans.