On Friday, February 16, 2024, we will host the 24th annual NBA All-Star Technology Summit in Indianapolis. The event will bring together a unique, invitation-only group to explore the trends and innovations in sports, media and technology.

The Summit will feature conversations with:

Larry Bird
NBA Legend
Eric Horvitz, PhD, MD
Chief Scientific Officer, Microsoft

Panels with other industry leaders will cover:

The Attention Wars: Debating Content That Truly Engages Today’s Audiences

From blockbuster live sporting events to trendsetting creator videos, content today is more varied than ever before. However, with audience attention split among multiple screens, the ways in which these content offerings are formatted, distributed and promoted are as important as the content itself. This panel will discuss the strategies that platforms, businesses and creators are using to engage and grow their audiences.

Dream Stream: Future of the Fan Experience

We are in the midst of a golden age of sports content, when every person with a device has access to unlimited global sports and entertainment options. With rising competition for consumer attention and elevated consumer expectations, how can streamers deliver for their customers? This panel will discuss the next frontier of streaming in sports.

The AI Revolution: How Game-Changing Tech Will Reshape the Future

A new wave of generative AI innovations is rapidly transforming every aspect of our lives. What changes can we expect to see in the coming years – even months? And how will AI influence sports and the authentic human experience and emotion that make them great? This panel will explore the technological, athletic and societal questions that AI has surfaced.

The Promise of Preventive Health: How Tech-Driven Personalized Care Can Improve Longevity

We all know that injuries are part of sports, but what if they didn’t have to be? From AI to genomic (DNA-based) medicine, a new wave of technology promises to identify health risk factors, prevent injuries and illnesses before they happen, and better personalize and optimize recovery, treatment and overall care. This panel will explore how these innovations can promote athletes’ health and wellbeing, and also discuss the potential risks of overreliance on technology.