On Friday morning, February 18, we will host the 22nd annual NBA All-Star Technology Summit in Cleveland. The event will bring together a unique, invitation-only group to explore the trends and innovations in sports, media and technology.

The Summit will feature a one-on-one conversation with:

Shouzi Chew

Chief Executive Officer, TikTok

Panels with other industry leaders will cover:

Game On: The Future of Sports Betting and Media

As both sports betting and sports media continue to rapidly evolve in the U.S., they are also converging. This panel will explore the interconnected ecosystem around sports betting content, potential changes in the user experience, and new forms of innovation that will help capture attention and keep fans engaged.

Disruption from Every Direction: Leading in Our New Normal

At our Tech Summit in 2020, we discussed the wide range of challenges facing leaders. These included adapting to exponential growth in technology and defining the role organizations can play in advancing social change. Two years later, as the world continues to confront COVID-19, businesses have been forced to completely reimagine their revenue streams, operations and organizational culture. This panel will explore how leaders have guided their companies through the pandemic and what their employees expect from the workplace of the future.

Blockchain Revolution: Powering the New Digital Economy

Blockchain, increasingly viewed as the world’s new operating system, is transforming traditional business models in all fields. This panel features industry experts who will speak to the real-world applications of blockchain, including its impact on the sports industry.

21st Century Health: Performance, Rest, Recovery

As technology and science provide greater insight into rest, recovery and other determinants of performance, how can individuals best optimize their personal health strategy? In this panel, we will discuss how these advancements apply to the sports and business communities alike, and how we can all fulfill our maximum performance potential.